Favorite Lyric Friday

"I want you to understand, your all the man, that I love and I know that I need and I want and more, baby let me count the ways...
1,2, I love you
3,4, so much more
5,6, I can't get enough of this...
8,9,10, let's start love over and over and over again."
- Toni Braxton
The groove of this song is everything.
Toast to today and enjoy your weekend.

Favorite Lyric Friday

Doing just fine!

Pharrell Williams- Happy
"Give me all you got, don't hold it back.  I should probably warn you, I'll be just fine.  No offense to you, don't waste your time."


An Exception to the Rule

Still going through "it" and after all these years, I am just now able to "hear" the lyrics to this song and truly, it captures the essence of my Late September arrival (Libra). 

I'm Only Human- Jeffery Osborne
"Sensitive, that’s what I am, make no mistake about it.  Cause little things, certainly, mean so much to me."
"Emotional, that’s what I am, feelings run deep inside me.  I trust my heart and usually, it never lets me down.  But every now and then I guess, I lose my way, like people often do, and that just goes to prove,
I'm only human."
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :  )


Favorite Lyric Friday

Chante Moore- I Cry To Myself
"There's things on my mind, can't talk about it sometimes.  Who can I tell what I'm going through, when I'm feeling sorry.  I cry to myself, when no one else is listening.  I cry to myself, cause nobody else is crying for me."

A current mirror of my emotions.  Sometimes there are things on your heart that you want to share with another, with the hopes that it will relieve some of the load. However, those words, those emotions...they carry so much depth, that, if left on the wrong ears, it can be detrimental to your current life.  Without saying everything, this thing called life is absolutely, amazingly, beautifully challenging and the most divine-meant-to-be-if-you-just-walk-by-faith kind of life that can only be experienced by moving forward ...


Favorite Lyric Friday

4 Leaf Clover- Erykah Badu
"Free as a bird, yeah, yeah.  To catch me is to catch a leprechaun.  Hold on to your rabbit's foot, I just might be yours forever."
When this record came out, I ran to the record store to pick it up.  Then I ran back to my car and sat and listened to the entire cd before I headed out of the parking lot.  It was on repeat the rest of the day.  I would use these particular lyrics on my voicemail "back in the day".  lol
Have a good weekend people.
Carpe Diem


Rant: Mood Swings

The things our bodies go through as women are nothing short of amazing.  Like getting cramps before your cycle actually arrives or the sore breast and aching back.  How about those leg cramps, the stomach cramps and those annoying tension headaches that no amount of medicine will remedy?  I have always been baffled by the amount of symptoms we experience before are cycle actually arrives. 

I am in a current state of mood swinging.  lol I laugh to myself because I am trying very hard to keep it to myself.  As I recognize the signs and ask myself, "self, why are you so irritated by that...DING!?"  I check my Iphone and by golly me, it is now 4 days away.  I know this immediately because the damn app has a big red circle with the countdown displayed.  I have since moved that bish to its own page so that I am not constantly reminded that my cycle is 15, 9, 3 days away.  When there is no murder scene, I am on vacation and am always happy when the charges have been dropped.  I do not want Aunt flow knocking on my freakin door every day reminding me that I will surely have another period.

This is the app.

Now in regards to gifts and nature, I am most grateful for the ability to have children.  I am also most grateful of the idea of not having a period for 1, 2, 3, 9 months straight.  In fact I jump for joy just thinking about it.  However, the discomfort that ushers my body into releasing can sometimes drive me (and others around me) ca-ray-zee. 

 and this is what I sing.
 So, for those ladies that are having "issues" with there "situations", here is a link that shares a few all natural cures for those multi symptom mood swings

App disclaimer:  This app is actually handy and helpful during lighter moods.  : )